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with the move subpages right, it isn't checked by default. I just tried (as Suffusion of Yellow alt 5 ) to make an edit to WP:AN#Administrators preventing me from having RfC about an Administrative action containing NO added links, and got a captcha. Izno ( talk ) 13:57, (UTC) @ Izno : can you clarify the technical issues, along the lines of "What were you expecting and what was the actual result"? HandsomeFella ( talk ) 18:14, (UTC) @ HandsomeFella : Admins and page movers have the move-subpages right, giving them an extra checkbox to ask for the subpages to be moved. Premium television services leaves two copies; removing it from.S. Melodia Chaconne ( talk ) 12:38, (UTC) Not caused by your custom CSS, being looked at in phab:T218511. PPelberg (WMF) ( talk ) 22:38, (UTC) @ PPelberg (WMF) : Thanks for your answer! Cassiopeia ( talk ) 13:42, (UTC) @ cassiopeia : You can use the scratch codes (once per code) to log in as well. GMG talk 14:46, (UTC) The issue with Firefox certification made teh Internetz unusable for me yesterday. And now bolded and non-bolded entries are entirely random. And ) in the wrong place. It is difficult/not possible to make a certain kin of edit using the mobile Visual Editor? This would also make the interface more consistent; one is not taken to a redirect page's target after saving and editing, so I think the the Page and Read tabs should behave the same. The "Talk" and "Article" tabs should be a toggle: click one, and it should go to the other.

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Asmr JOI - Jerk Off Instructions in French. Not all changes will affect you. Org from 14 May. (but compare 5b) browser back-arrow to 'Wikipedia does not have an article with this exact name' again. Khajidha ( talk ) 18:03, (UTC) I've thought this for years. ShaGuarF1 ( talk ) 20:51, (UTC) Pseudo-heading or acceptable dlist? Can i see the buttons on ckbwiki in the future? These appear to be the total size of the page rather than the size of the changes. If the entry for genus or species (with manually added italics) matches the page title then the name of the taxobox and the title of the page will be italicized." It appears this "genus or species" rule also applies for binomial. That is exactly what I meant.

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